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The GEPROVAS (the European Group for Research on Prosthesis Applied for Vascular Surgery) was established on July 2, 1993 further a meeting held between Professor Nabil CHAKFE, a vascular surgeon from Strasbourg University Hospital, and Professor Bernard Durand specialized in mechanics of flexible materials at the ENSISA (Higher National Engineering School of Southern Alsace) in Mulhouse.

As a clinician, Professor Nabil CHAKFE pointed to a number of complications that occurred on vascular prostheses, in particular the phenomena of tear and rupture. Professor Bernard DURAND was interested in such phenomena worthy further investigations.

"Further to this first meeting, we have gradually developed multidisciplinary analysis programs applying a scientific approach to the clinical experience of failure mechanisms."

This collaboration helps to organize research projects in the field of material surveillance. The purpose of the GEPROVAS is to structure this activity under conditions ensuring the non-disclosure of data and independent expression of results. The results of the material surveillance activity are the subject of numerous papers, communications and PhD theses.

The results of this work have more and more interested academics, scientific societies and local authorities (the Urban Community of Strasbourg, the Regional Council of Alsace, the General Council of Haut-Rhin).

"The results provided to scientific societies and health organizations have already allowed improving the quality of care for patients."

Key dates


With a continued monitoring of the Alsace Biovalley Cluster, the GEPROVAS got funding for creation of an independent platform for explanted vascular grafts analysis for the first time in the world.The material surveillance platform is located within the University Hospitals of Strasbourg. Its goal is to collect the greatest number of explanted vascular grafts for better knowledge of degradation phenomena and in order to ensure a greater safety for patients.


the material surveillance platform of the GEPROVAS is ISO 9001 certified. This quality approach guarantees the managment of explanted vascular grafts analysis.


the tests platform of the GEPROVAS is ISO 13485 certified. The GEPROVAS now offers to realize normalised tests on vascular prosthesis, or tests on demand, and expertise reports.

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